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Monday, 11 October 2010

An update from Ireland

I left London with a pletura of feelings. Sadness mangled with excitement and confidence. I’d like to think that it’s so difficult to leave London because I have built a really great life for myself there. If I could just turn my back on it then it would seem like a much more shallow experience. So I am glad in a way that I am so sad to be leaving everything, my friends, my job, Stokey and the amazing life that I got to lead in London.

So I leave you with two pictures, the last view of the UK as I sail away from my life as I‘ve known it for the past 6 years (below) and the wash behind the ferry which carried me towards Ireland and the dawning of this new adventure.

1 comment:

  1. Hi David,

    Hope all going to plan and you will shortly be settled in your new life. Talking about the wonders of the old one, can you remind me what the Brick Lane curry house we went to a couple of years ago was called? Or perhaps you can recommend another...I'm meeting friends for a curry there on Saturday...

    John P