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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dessert For Sir?

This A rare photo of your authormonth marks the completion of nine whole action packed and memory stuffed months here in Chikuni. Imagine, it’s been nine months since getting off the plane in the scorching hot morning heat of October. Nine months of delicious, fresh and organic fruit. Nine months of dealing with various forms of wildlife. Nine months of crap haircuts. Nine months of you reading this drivel…

I remember before I left for the airport in London, the priest in charge of the volunteer programme said to me “See you in six months” to which I replied, “Probably more like twelve or eighteen actually”. I knew ever before leaving that I wanted to spend more than six months here. And I was right, that’s exactly how I have always felt. In fact, I’ve had such a great time here that I’m adding a little aperitif to my one year plan. So it is that I announce that I will be here until December, December the 8th to be exact. I would probably stay longer but Christmas is in the way and I am far too much of a home bird to want to spend a second Christmas away from family and friends and any notion of a traditional Christmas.

As I am on the public service announcement bandwagon, I will also take this opportunity to announce a sad milestone. At some point during the beginning of July the blog finally reached €10 in advertising revenue. Ted E. Bare and Barry White ride off into the African bushThat equates to 33 ad clicks which is pretty crap given that the blog has had approximately 1300 visitors since January, which equates I think to a 2.5% click through percentage. I suspect I will reach no more than €15 by the end of the year so I think I am going to buy some colouring books and crayons for the HBC kids with the proceeds. The grand notion of being able to dig a well or do some other medium sized project has fallen flat on its face without the support it needed. But ce-la-vi, I guess people dislike or are impervious to advertising much the same as I am.

Your reporter in the middle of nowhere (for just a bit longer)

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