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Friday, 9 December 2011

Hello Europe

I languish in bed at 4:11 GMT realising that right now, in my beautiful, warm, friendly, wonderful Chikuni, the sun is already an hour above the horizon. Kids are playing, birds are chirping and building homes, girls are sweeping the red earth and oxen are straining against their yokes and owners as they plough mile after mile of bush. I’m no longer physically in the middle of nowhere, instead I’m very much in the middle of somewhere (Wimbledon, London) but now my heart is in the middle of nowhere until I get that first, all important hug from the first of my friends. I sit, shivering, with the realisation that daylight is still three or four hours away and even at that, it’s a grey dull sunlight, filtering through the rain and cloud that I flew down through last night.

So here I am, arrived safely in London. I have many wonderful reunions ahead of me before the next hop to Cork in Ireland. Now I just have to try and readjust to Western society and not have a nervous breakdown in the process. When I'm thinking clearly I'll write more here about some of my reflections about the adventure that has been Zambian Madness. Until then...

Your reporter back in the London Town

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